Concept and creation: Szymon Felkel / Saymoon Studio
The Eighth Day Theatre / Children of the Revolution.
We do not wish for wars. We do not miss the revolution. We live during the most enduring period of peace in Europe, and still, something pushes us towards the abyss of fratricidal conflicts. In our performance, we are trying to look closely at the nature of this phenomenon.
What makes people of today go out into the streets and demonstrate their anger? Is it the same anger which triggered revolutions of the 20th century? Has any of it lived on? We may not feel like the children of the revolution, but the issue is still worth considering. As Ósemki company claims, these are the young people, though unaware of historical processes, who are the main heroes, and they stand on the first front line of every revolution.
The performance, put on stage by Jacek Chmaj, will become a journey through a hundred years, amidst the powerful image of revolution like from Battleship Potemkin by Eisenstein or images resembling Counter-Strike gunfire watched with a detached eye of a fan. It is worth adding that the authors of the performance invited the students of the University of Arts in Osijek to contribute to the show. They have already cooperated within theatrical project Europe, the Home in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Hungary.
The appendix:
Dictatorship should not be installed in order to protect the revolution; revolution is fomented in order to impose the dictatorship. 
G. Orwell, 1984.

The performance
One of the projections
Poster design
THE EIGHTH DAY THEATRE /Children of the revolution/
Idea and direction:
Jacek Chmaj
The performers:
Adam Borowski
Lino Brozic
Marko Capor
Tadeusz Janiszewski
Marijan Josipović
Marcin Keszycki
Selma Mehić
Przemyslaw Mosiezny
Josipa Oršolić
Janusz Stolarski
Szymon Stolarski
Zdenka Šustić
Janek Szlempo.
Substantive consultations:
Ewa Wójciak
Animation / Video projections:
Saymoon Studio / Szymon Felkel 
Video recordings:
Maciej Wlodarczyk
Jerzy Nowacki
Izabela Rudzka
Arnold Dąbrowski
Technical implementation:
Adam Loś
Piotr Najrzal
Jacek Nowaczyk
Jakub Staśkowiak
Actors in animation:
Kaja Banaszak
Mateusz Krawczynski
Andrzej Majos
Ewa Siekierska-Klamka
Janek Szlempo
Szymon Bojdo
Premiere 8.10.2017 - Poznań
video: 2017
camera: & kuba soltysiak
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