A movie portrait of one of the most accomplished Polish mountaineers, Krzysztof Wielicki, reveals the backstage of his personal life when he leaves and returns home from his multiple expeditions. It is a philosophical story about friendship, partnership and nature, but also a breathtaking journey to all fourteen eight-thousanders. We follow Wielicki to the mountains and we watch him picking up vegetables in his garden - this is where he reflects on what is important in life.

Artistic visions, sensitivity and individual storytelling styles of three creators - Maja Pietraszewska-Koper, Grzegorz Lipiec and Szymon Felkel, work together with outstanding images, music, graphics and animations to give a surprising effect. A movie without pathos, full of respect for people and nature.
Official Trailer
trailer realization: Sky Piastowskie
Logo creation
Front Title (animation)
One of the 14 main animations used in the movie
Official Poster
Film premiere at the 26th Mountain Festival Andrzej Zawada in Lądek Zdrój (Poland)
photos by Michał Kwaśniewski
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